Cinnamon Muffins with dried cranberries

My family and I are packing for a trip at the moment, one highly anticipated by myself. Rushing madly about the home, each of us searches frantically for key items, the things we absolutely cannot depart without. My camera is prepared, I am so, so excited to capture each highlight of the journey with it. My outfits have been carefully selected, along with the loveliest new pairs of matching shoes. My suitcase is very nearly ready. I am stepping back, for a brief instant to compose this post… a miniature one, of sorts. There is simply one photograph. Yes, just one.  It is not my best work, but does convey a vintage, antique feel {which I love}.  Ah, and the recipe — too delicious to avoid publishing.

Cinnamon Muffins with dried cranberries | Lace & Lilacs

 Another post shall be shared this coming week, a special edition of ‘lovely little things’ , written specifically to celebrate my sixteenth birthday.

I have little else to say, at this point in time… Enjoy the recipe. {and continue to read for updates regarding my travel adventures}

xoxo. – Abby

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6 comments on “Cinnamon Muffins with dried cranberries”

  1. These look delicious! I want to try them with fresh cranberries…yum!

  2. I shall try these Abby, possibly with dried cherries instead 🙂 Pinned!

  3. Just chanced upon your space Abby! What a wonderful space you have. And these cinnamon muffins are to die for. 🙂

    • Aww, thank you SO much, Rakhee! I’ve been pinning your lovely photos for a while now, it was such a delight to see that you’ve happened upon my blog. Thank you for being such an inspiration! xoxo