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lovely little thingslovely little thingslovely little thingslovely little thingslovely little thingslovely little thingslovely little thingslovely little things

 ~ thoughts ~

– Though I have resided merely a short distance from the beach my entire life, not until recently did I begin taking full advantage of the gorgeous seashore. I detest water… and being wet {with the exception of showers, of course}…, but oh, goodness — is there anything more pleasant than walking along the water’s edge on cool, fall Saturday mornings? I think not. And with a camera in hand… serious perfection.

– Ah, while on the subject of cameras… I can scarcely believe that just two short months ago I was intimidated by DSLRs! Yes, I still have a great deal to lean regarding the technical aspect of my Canon, but I have improved significantly since acquiring it in late August. {Yay!}

– Perhaps you’re wondering why I am posting on a Wednesday? Typically, I share a little something here only once a week – a result of my rather hectic school schedule. Today, however, was a testing day. We were released from classes quite early with minimal homework. And so… here I am!

– Pumpkin… an autumn source of comfort I absolutely adore. This Pumpkin Carving candle? Oh-so-incredible! Also: Here are a few pumpkin recipes for those of you interested ~ Pumpkin Spice Pancakes, Warm Pumpkin Spice Milk, Pumpkin Bagels, Pumpkin Banana Bread, and Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal. {Please excuse the dreadful, old photographs!}

– Finally… to all those who recently ‘liked’ the Munchin’ Mel Facebook page: thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate it, so much.

~ links ~

This blog has become a favorite of mine, as of late.

– Amazing apple photos {and salted caramel apple dumplings with dried cherries and hazelnuts}

– I love Adrianna’s  photographs. 

– These stunning pancakes.

– Sneh’s food styling is incredible. These oysters? Wow.

– I adore these shoes. Oh, and this pair, as well.

 Thanks for reading! Feel free to share links of yours in the comments, and have a lovely rest-of-the-week!


– Abby

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3 comments on “lovely little things: photographs. thoughts. links.”

  1. LOVE your photos!!! I am so intimidated by a DSLR but want one sooo badly!

    additionally-I LOVE the water and am so jealous of your proximity to the beach!

    • Thanks so much, Kayle! The DSLR is totally worth it and I’m having a blast learning how to use mine. Also… the beach is pretty amazing, right? 🙂

  2. Vive le seashore and magnificent waters…may we enjoy them forever!