Italy 2017: RECAP + VIDEO

Venice by Abby Ingwersen

Italy 2017

Happy Saturday to you all!

Today I’m popping in to share, at long last, a little recap of my trip to Italy this past August, as well as a compilation of the iPhone videos I shot whilst there. Enjoy!

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l’Italie 2017

Bon samedi à vous tous !

Cet après-midi je suis de retour pour partager un petit résumé de mes voyages d’août en Italie, ainsi qu’une petite vidéo que j’ai créé de tous les moments que j’ai capturés avec mon iPhone pendant que j’y étais. J’espère que ce poste vous plaira ! 


Part One: V E N I C E
Digital photos + a little bit of writing. 
Published August 19, 2017. 


Part Two: Postcards from Venice, Italy
Film photos + a teeny bit of writing.
Published September 5, 2017. 



Part One: B U R A N O
Digital photos + a teeny bit of writing. 

Published August 23, 2017.


Part Two: Postcards from Burano
Film photos + hardly any writing.
Published September 4, 2017. 


Part One: M U R A N O & T O R C E L L O
Digital photos + a bit of island history. 
Published August 30, 2017.


Part Two: Postcards from Murano & Torcello
Film photos + hardly any writing.
Published September 25, 2017. 



Part One: F I R E N Z E
Digital photos + some writing. 
Published September 9, 2017. 


Part Two: Postcards from Florence, Italy
Film photos + a teeny bit of writing. 
Published August 26, 2017. 



Et voilà ! A ‘lil video for you. Well, it’s really for me… honestly, the quality is downright awful and I put no effort into the filming, framing, etc. It’s just a haphazard collection of moments I want to remember. Why am I sharing it publicly? Well, why do I share anything at all, hahah. To document for myself, I suppose. And if you care enough to follow along – ’tis cool. 🙂


  1. Why the French music? A) I had these three songs on repeat, amongst others, while traveling. Fun fact: up until this past month I forbid myself to listen to anything other than French music. Exceptions made for when a new single from a fave artist dropped, but even then… I only allowed myself one listen for these occasions. B) Because as much as I’d have loved to included Italian music in the background…. I don’t know any. Like, at all. This needs to change. Recs?
  2. The glass blowing ends at 6:20, for those of you (read: all of you) who’d prefer to skip ahead.

des notes :

  1. J’ai choisi de la musique française… pourquoi ? A) Parce que ces chansons étaient mes préférées pendant ce voyage en Italie… je les ai écoutés tous les jours alors que j’y étais. En fait, je n’écoutais que de la musique française jusqu’au ce mois. C’était pour entraîner mes oreilles avant de commencer l’école en français en octobre. B) Parce que je ne connais même pas une chanson italienne… et ça devrait changer. Vous en connaissez quelques unes ?
  2. Le soufflage de verre termine à 6:20 si vous préférez le sauter. 😉

Et c’est tout ! Until next time…


♥ ♥ ♥

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4 comments on “Italy 2017: RECAP + VIDEO”

  1. Your video came just in time for me! I was eating a messy breakfast and wanted something to watch (because watching things requires no hands) but my Youtube subscription feed didn’t have anything new 😛 Love the first song you used; it’s so cute and happy! // When I posted about Venice on my blog, I asked people at the end what their recommendations for Venice (which is kind of backwards; I should probably have asked before I left for Venice haha) and many mentioned glass-blowing! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • Yaaay, I love it when the *perfect* thing appears in my feed like that during just the right moment. I usually watch Snap/Insta stories while eating breakfast hahah. I hope it didn’t bore you, though! // I just realized I forgot to credit the music artists! The firsts song is Ça Ira by Joyce Jonathon, the second is Plage Isolée by… (*googles*) Polo & Pan, and the third is J’my attendais pas by Cléa Vincent. // Backwards… maybe… but another way to look at it is ‘excuses to go back’ haha. I can relate to this prob… it’s just so overwhelming to plan before a trip!

  2. I love these photos, Abby! As you know, Italy is my whole heart! <3