Sunsets, chocolate cake, moving, & lots of other stuff (July + August 2020)

Summer 2020, documented.

Let’s just dive right on in…
Note: this post covers July 11-August 11, basically the day after I returned home from La Garde-Freinet up until I dropped off four rolls of film for development last Tuesday. 

  • Sooo, remember how I shot these evening portraits of Carrie Anne the other day, the ones in the first part of the post?  I, of course, just had to capture that stunning sunset on film as well. It was spectacular… all warm and orangey and vibrant. Cute stuff. Afterward I walked home and continued snapping away until I reached my (new!) apartment. Calm moments like these, spent strolling along the Seine with music and my camera, make me happy.
  • Amorino strawberry gelato (in a coooone) on summer night. Yess.
  • I’ve been passing quite a bit of time by/around Notre-Dame lately, I’m realizing. Not at all a bad thing.
  • Ash was craaaaving classic, American-style chocolate cake one afternoon so we went around for ages, literally searching for it. Croissants and tarte tatins are a piece of cake to find in France (lol) but, um, actual cake, with layers of thick, rich frosting and all… not so much. He finally managed to get his hands on a slice — at Starbucks.
  • A few days before shooting Carrie Anne, she and I met at Judy, not far from the Jardin du Luxembourg. We caught up over lunch (well, I had tea) and then proceeded to walk through the park. I love going there in the summer, the atmosphere truly is something else. So serene.
  • Ash and I visited a few apartments between mid and late July (3 potentials for him, 1 for me). Before checking one out in Montmartre (which he didn’t end up selecting) we each enjoyed a Coke in the sunshine together. It was nice.
  • Speaking of our new places… voilà ! Ash’s and my new apartments are both pictured. As is a postcard my friend Melissa sent me from Cali during quarantine, Ash eating eggs as we listened to the new Taylor Swift album for the first time in my old flat, and some moving and cleaning shenanigans.
  • While my new apartment is technically “furnished”, it didn’t come with a bed (hence the makeshift sleeping arrangement pictured in a couple shots) or a set of drawers. Ash, the angel and best friend in the whole-wide-world that he is, helped me build both. Like… he essentially built them himself, if I’m being totally honest. But I handed him things! And put things… in places. I tried, okay??
  • Also, I really, really, really love my new place. Like, really, really love it.

Annnnnd, I think that covers just about everything pretty well. Here are some more apartment shots.

The end.

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One comment on “Sunsets, chocolate cake, moving, & lots of other stuff (July + August 2020)”

  1. I’m in love with these warm photos, and your new apartment looks AMAZING! // I haven’t had Amorino in Paris but I’ve had it in Lucerne and I loved it. // LOL I didn’t know it was so hard to find chocolate cakes in Paris! Maybe it’s time for a baking party 😛 I had a phase when I made a ton of chocolate mug cakes in the microwave…although that’s probably not what Ash had in mind hahh -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s